Excellence Program

Here at Mockingbird Kennels, we encourage all puppy owners to participate in AKC sports! To encourage involvement, we have an excellence program. As you and your puppy progress through the program, Mockingbird Kennels will send you a reward as a thank you for finishing the title! Rewards include sport relevant equipment, toys, and more. The program is designed for every level of handler to succeed in! These rewards only apply to a puppy bred by Mockingbird Kennels, and can be discontinued at any time.

Intro Level

Virtual Scent Work Elite


You're ready to

 begin scentwork training.

You've earned your 

very own tins!

Virtual Obedience Title

Get your BN-V or CD-V

 and earn a 6ft biothane lead!

Your choice in color.

Canine Good Citizen

Congratulations on your CGC! 

We'll be sending you a 

custom crate and collar tag

Any ACT  Title

Looks like you're ready to

 begin novice agility!

Have a braided fleece tug toy on us.

Trick Dog Title

We'll send you a bag of 

gourmet dog treats!

(Only redeemable once)

Novice Level

Scentwork Novice

You're learning to master the elements. 

To help you on your 

journey, I'll be sending you 

a surprise hide from 

Nose and Hearts!

Novice Agility Standard or Jumpers

Keep going superstars! 

To celebrate your title, I'll be

sending you a new tug toy!

Companion Dog

Congrataulations on your 

first obedience title!

You've earned a custom dumbbell

Rally Novice

Congratulations on starting 

your rally journey!

A full set of Rally Advanced signs 

will be arriving soon.

Tracking Dog

You've earned a new 

biothane tracking lead!

Your choice in color.

Herding Started 

A or B Course

Keep it up you two! 

To celebrate your title,

a new tie out will be sent soon.

Intermediate Level

Scentwork Advanced

You're learning to 

master the elements. 

To help you on your 

journey, I'll be sending you 

a surprise hide!

Companion Dog Excellent

You did it! Congratulations

on your CDX!

We'll be sending your a

custom set of gloves

to help you prepare

for Utility.

Tracking Dog Excellent or Urban

A set of tracking flags

will be sent your way!


Way to go champs!

A rosette or new show lead is on its way

(Your choice in reward)

Open Agility Standard or Jumpers

You have to memorialize 

those Qs! An agility picture

frame will arrive soon.

Rally Advanced

Congratulations! We'll be

 sending you a 

set of signs all

the way through Masters!

Herding Intermediate 

A or B Course

Keep going team! You're mastering

on of the hardest sports!

To help you, I'll be

sending you a new herding stick

Advanced Level

Scentwork Excellent

Keep going superstars!

Another novel hide is

on its way!

Utility Dog

Congratulations on your UD!
To celebrate, I'll be sending

you a new article bag.

Variable Surface Tracker

A custom, embroidered duffle

bag is on its way!

Grand Champion 

What an amazing accomplishment!

We'll be sending you

 a personalized grooming

 tote to help you

stay organized

Excellent Agility Standard or Jumpers

Way to go team!

I'll be sending you a 

full set of my favorite

agility books

Rally Advanced Excellent

Next stop, RACH!

We'll be sending you a collapisble cone.

Perfect for on the go training

and warm ups!

Herding Advanced 

A or B Course

Congratulations on conquering

one of the hardest sports!

Some herding related artwork

will be sent soon

Champion Level

Scentwork Detective 

Sniff, Sniff, Hooray!

Congratulations Detectives!

A scentwork themed rosette

will be delivered soon

Obedience Trial Champion

What a team! Congratulations!

To celebrate your OTCH

I will provide a $50 gift

card to an article maker

of your choice

Champion Tracker

Congratulations trackers!

A tracking themed rosette

will be sent soon

Grand Champion Bronze

Welcome to the

one hundred club!

A large rosette is

heading your way

Masters Agility Champion

Lots of weekends bar hopping

paid off! We'll be sending

you a custom agility

collar and leash, so

you can look good while

working on that ADCH!

Rally Champion

Sit! Down! Spin! Celebrate!

You've earned a 

custom RACH Rosette

or Cone (your choice)

Herding Champion

Come Bye, Go Way, Lie Down, Jump for Joy!

Here's a brand new

shepherd's whistle!